Reading Day presents a problem

I always get excited this time of year. Wildstock might be my favorite event at Linfield, stretching back to my freshman year when it was a huge carnival style party filled with fun and sun. The bands weren’t too famous, but there was tons to do and people everywhere were looking to have fun. It seemed like every group on campus had something to contribute.

Sadly, the last few years have stifled my excitement. Greater focus on headlining bands and on the music, in general, left little room for student interactive fun and play. Both years featured good food and a lot of open space meant to be used for concerts.

This year, I was hoping things would be different. Yes, Linfield Activities Board has a decently famous band appearing to tie up much of its funds, but I was reassured by multiple people that it was going to be amazing anyway. I was told this the last two years too. I had heard that Wildstock was going to be right before finals, similar to how it was last year. Not a problem, I thought to myself.

That’s when I heard the ridiculous part. Reading Day had been moved to Friday.

I generally view the weekend before finals as a time of preparation, reflection and massive amounts of partying. I’m not alone in that either. The previous schedule was awesome because it allowed students to spend the week before finals finishing up projects, right up until Thursday night. At that point, procrastination reaches an all time high, students begin their last hurrah and it’s a blast from the end of class on Thursday to Sunday morning.

For many, that’s actually not that different from any other weekend in the semester. But with finals following, there is a little more time to recover than the normal Sunday afternoon. That’s why having Reading Day on a Monday was so excellent.

Having Reading Day on a Friday is not a good idea. Friday was practically a day off before, and now it’s at the expense of an important study day at the end. Does anyone really think that Friday will replace Monday as the key study time before finals?

It’s going to be a party day, same as always. In fact, plenty of events have been scheduled for this day, including Wildstock, the biggest on-campus event of the year. This is supposed to be our study time?

Professors, reflect on the averages as you count up the points for the finals next week. My bet is they’ll be lower because of this lost time. Students are going to be doing what they always do, and they’ll find out quickly how little time they have to do it.

I’m sure there’s a legitimate reason for why our finals are now even closer to the end of that last project date. Regardless of why, that change isn’t a smart one. We need that extra time. Now I just have one more reason to feel depressed if Wildstock doesn’t blow me away this year.

Matthew Olson/Columnist
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