Letter to the Editor: Ihilani Haru

Dear Editor,


I was disappointed at The Linfield Review’s lack of coverage on this year’s annual lu’au. The lu’au is the school’s largest cultural event, and we have become known for it in recent years. Linfield prides itself on valuing diversity, and yet this event only featured three pictures. I feel that there was an opportunity to showcase a culture that the Linfield community doesn’t always understand. We weren’t looking for free advertisement; it just would have been nice to have some sort of story written. A reporter could have reflected upon their experiences at the event, and how it opened their eyes to the diverse background of many Linfield students. I understand that it is hard to put together an entire newspaper in a week and I respect all the people involved in the process, but I feel like a major opportunity was missed. Linfield is home to students from all over the world. It would be nice to see this reflected in The Linfield Review.

Thanks for listening,

Ihilani Haru

Hawaiian Club President

Class of 2011

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