Lesbians are frequently stereotyped by the media

I spent some time during Winter Break watching the Showtime series “The L Word.” I was intrigued  — finally a show about lesbians! The show portrayed many different women rather than the stereotypical lesbian. It was about things they had to deal with in their lives from a homosexual woman’s perspective. And, of course there was sex; it’s Showtime.

Further on in the series the sex became more frequent. I was disappointed to find that, like many “girl-on-girl” sexual relationships, the women were being portrayed as sex objects. Eventually, I felt like I was watching a show catered to men who wanted to watch two women get it on without actually watching porn. But, then again, why am I surprised about this?

The show also did not reference any safe sexual practices. Some women who watch this show who have realized their sexuality may use this as a guide. We already know that other people use media as a guideline for their lives.

There are many television shows that have homosexuals in them and they are mostly men. In fact, I can’t think of a popular show that has a regularly appearing lesbian in it. These male couples are portrayed as nice guys who care about shopping and looks and being a girl’s best friend.

Two shows that come to mind are “Will and Grace” and “Desperate Housewives.” I do not recall these men ever being portrayed the way that lesbians are. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

There is also the difference in channels and the type of channels that these three shows are on. Even so, why can’t there be a show on ABC about lesbians that isn’t about women having tons of sex? Could we get something similar to “Will and Grace?”

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