Jazz Night concert marks music careers’ final note

The Jazz Night concert will feature the Linfield Jazz Band and the Linfield Jazz Choir, Double Vision, at 8 p.m. May 13 in Ice Auditorium.

The music will range from original compositions to big band favorites.

Several jazz band performers, including seniors Ryan Dickman, Tracy Beaver, Carolyn Blood, Helen Kehoe and Matt Moss, will perform solos during the concert.

Double Vision will feature guest artist Clark
Bondy on the saxophone. They will play songs by John Lennon and Little
River Band and jazz standards such as “Route 66.”

Senior Carolyn Blood said in an email that she asked to play clarinet in Kehoe’s feature piece. Blood used to play the baritone saxophone in the jazz band, but the clarinet is her
primary instrument.

“I’ve only been working on this piece and my solo in it for a few weeks with the band,” Blood said. “Generally, I prefer to play in an ensemble and be part of a cohesive sound in a jazz band. But to be heard, you have to solo.”

The jazz band meets twice a week, but band members have such varied schedules that it is hard to have a complete band for each rehearsal,  senior Matt Moss said in an email.

“But that’s how it is,” Moss said. “Even though it’s tough to get time for rehearsal, we always seem to put together a great set. It’s more a matter of investing yourself in the music, not your time.”

Moss and Blood joined the jazz band during their freshman year. Moss has been in the band every semester since freshman year, but Blood had to decide to cut jazz from her schedule during her junior year.

“I’m glad I got the opportunity to perform with the band again after being gone from it for a couple semesters,” she said. “It’s going to be fun to have the opportunity to end my musical career on stage with [Moss] and my other friends.”

Moss said that he has also faced challenges performing and preparing for this concert.

“After freshman year, I underwent jaw reconstruction surgery, which left most of my face senseless,” he said. “Playing a sax without feeling is no easy task. To this day there are parts of my chin and jaw that I can’t feel.  It’s been a slow progress.”

There have been other distractions for Moss in preparation of this concert.

“Both of my majors require thesis papers so it seems like I’ve been writing since last February,” he said. This summer also marks a huge change in my life with graduation, and I’m also getting married in August.”

This concert will be the seniors’ final jazz band performance at Linfield. Moss said that he has mixed feelings about this final performance.

“I’ve been a part of jazz ensembles since sixth grade so I’ll really miss it. On the other hand, I’m excited,” Moss said. “It feels right that this last concert will showcase the styles that we have been playing over the last four years. It’ll be a good send-off for all of us.”

Moss said that the best part of being in the jazz band is the music.

“It’s jazz,” Moss said. “It hits me deep.”

Sharon Gollery/For the Review
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