IM sports encourage fun, competition

Intramural sports are a popular extra-curricular activity on campus. They are a fun way for students to get exercise, socialize and participate in sports if they are not involved in athletics at the collegiate level.

A new intramural sport starts every season, giving athletes and students who have never played before an opportunity to show what they’ve got and hopefully improve.

“They are fun and give people a chance to play sports without having to put in the time others do on a [collegiate] team,” senior Intramural Sports Commissioner Kaddar Elhabbassi said.

Associated Student of Linfield College Intramural Sports Director junior Daniel Teater agreed with Elhabbassi.

“I think that people play because they are either interested in trying new sports or because they played before and want to pick up where they left off,” he said in an email. “It’s also a good way to relieve the stresses of school.”

The sports students can choose from are touch football, co-ed volleyball, co-ed bowling, basketball, soccer and co-ed softball.

As some sports are more popular than others, a competitive side naturally follows.

“Basketball is probably the most competitive sport because many people play it and are just trying to be the best,” Elhabbassi said. “People always play basketball, so an organized league is where everyone gets to see who is the best.”

Senior Michel Camacho agreed.

“Basketball is the most intense intramural sport,” he said. “The competition is high, and there are a lot of teams.”

Camacho played on the men’s soccer team here at Linfield and knows about competition.

“It’s nice to play in other sports than the ones you actually play,” he said.

Camacho is involved in intramural volleyball, bowling, basketball and softball when he is not in season for soccer.

“People aren’t messing around. People take it seriously and try and get good teams together. There is a pride to winning,” he said.

The sports are divided into different leagues depending on the level of competition the team will compete with.

“The more competitive, or better, teams go to the ‘A’ league, and the teams that are just having fun go to [the] ‘B’ league to not be as competitive,” Elhabbassi said.

The intramural sports is almost over as softball is midway through the season. For some, this will be their last chance to play in IM sports, but for those returning next year the season will start off fresh with touch football in September.

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