Get to know the 2011-12 ASLC Cabinet

Name: Daniel Teater
Position: IM Sports Director
Age: 21
Year: Junior
Major: Exercise Science
Hometown: Powell Butte, Ore.

Qualifications: Teater said that he has played a lot of sports, such as soccer, basketball, golf and track in high school. He has also played basketball for the Wildcats for the last three years. Another qualification that he possesses is leadership experience through multiple positions, he said.
Reasons for applying: Teater said he applied for this position because he is active in intramural sports and thought he could meet the needs of the students who participate in them. He said he also wants more experience with management and leadership.
Goals: Teater said one of his goals is to increase turn out and student participation. He said he also wants to keep track of the number of participants for each IM sport to determine if there has been an increase. Another goal he has is to add a few more day events, such as dodge ball, kickball and a home run derby, he said.

“I plan on doing these things but might be limited by the budget cut made by Senate,” Teater said.
Words of Wisdom: “Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try new things,” Teater said.
Interests: Teater said he likes all sports and enjoys camping and being outdoors. He also likes meeting new people, he said. He enjoys watching iron man competitions and studying nuclear physics.

“I like getting super jacked in the weight room,” Teater said.
Favorites: Teater’s favorite color is aquamarine.

“That’s the color of my truck,” he said.

His favorite animal is the horny toad, and he likes listening to country music. His favorite TV shows are “Family Guy” and “Swamp People.” He said his favorite movies are “American Gangster,” “Super Troopers” and “Forest Gump.”

~Compiled By Jessica Prokop/Editor-in-chief

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