Americana band embraces variety

Buxter Hoot’n's album cover

San Francisco-based band Buxter Hoot’n is set to release its third album since 2007 on May 30. The self-titled album embraces the original spirit that the name suggests.

Led by vocalist and guitarist Vince Dewald, the band has created a distinct sound that develops throughout the album. A blend of styles and tempo create various moods from song to song all while maintaining the feel-good vibes that are sought heading into summer.

The instruments are incorporated in a brilliant sequence that keeps you coming back for more. There are no predictable tracks, adding to the purely enjoyable experience that is listening to this album.

Many of the tracks offer an original sound that will conjure up daydreams about summer days in no time. A blend of banjo, harmonica and violin sounds are guaranteed to get you moving.

The tracks take you through a plethora of genres that include folk, Americana, a hint of country and more typical indie rock for good measure. Buxter Hoot’n’s unity, however, is maintained through the common sound of Dewald’s rich, enticing lyrics and tones that radiate the innocence of freedom and youth.

Tantalizing solos are integrated throughout the album, featuring both electric and acoustic guitar, banjo and harmonica.

“Blue Night,” one of the many distinct tracks, incorporates the delightful vocals of Melissa Merrill that intensify diversity on the album. Merrill and Dewald tackle the song’s lyrics together resulting in what seems to be an unyielding radiation of warmth. The sounds are rich and melodious and give off warm sensations that could only be amplified through the dispatch of a record player.

The album has
expanded and developed sounds that one could traditionally associate with the past and has restored them in a refreshing, contemporary way through instrumentation, lyrics and tempo. The general composition is pleasurable, outgoing and has a little bit of everything to please a wide audience.

After its fifth year as a band, Buxter Hoot’n is a well-known name in San Francisco’s music scene and seeks to expand its recognition throughout the northwest.

Currently on tour, they are scheduled to perform at Laurel Thirst in Portland on May 14. The show begins at 9:30 p.m. and admission is $6.

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