Tutoring program revamped

Learning Support Services will continue developing a new program that aims to provide a more cohesive overview of academic resources for students.

The program uses five “lead” student tutors and was introduced this year but is still in the early stages of development.

“We’re not changing the essentials of tutoring. What we’re bringing is an opportunity for experienced tutors to gain some actual, hands-on experience which is good for any student,” LSS Coordinator Eileen Dowty said.

Essentially, the lead tutors provide resources for students who are in need of academic support. Their duties can be as involved as sitting down with students and assisting them in the development of study skills, or as simple as directing students to other academic resources.

“We have lead tutors that have some familiarity in almost all the subjects, so we can get you general study help or we can help you with your class if we’ve taken it before,” senior Austin Hocker, who is a lead tutor this year, said.

Generally, the subjects for which LSS receives the most tutor requests and the lead tutors spend the most time assisting with are math, science and business.

Departments with more of a writing emphasis have less tutor offerings save for lower level classes.

Because many departments hold separate tutoring sessions independent of LSS, Dowty stressed that the lead tutoring program is not meant to infringe upon any of the already available resources, but rather to make students aware that those resources exist.

“What were not trying to do is develop an empire to take over all tutoring. We want to be very respectful there,” she said.

“But maybe, through the lead tutors, we can enhance communication across campus.”

Senior Katie Paradis, who is also a lead tutor this year, emphasized that the program is all about connecting students to what they need academically.

“Our goal is to get the word out about these drop in hours. We just want students to feel free to come by if they have any questions, or they just need to talk through things or find a tutor, or even if they want to be a tutor,” she said.

Dowty said the program has not reached its full potential and is still in the opening stages.

“Our lead tutors are sifting through ideas, deciding what will work now and what can be saved for three years from now,” she said.

All students are welcome to attend lead tutors’ open hours, which are Sunday through Thursday from 8 to 9 p.m. in Walker 125.

Brittany Baker/Staff writer
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