Students react uneasily to comedian’s edgy show

Comedian Guy Branum received mixed responses from students during a performance April 16 sponsored by the Linfield Activities Board.

Branum used his homosexuality as the basis of his act. He frequently interacted with audience members, asking them questions about their race, academic interests and sexual orientation.

Branum asked a lesbian student to keep a tally of the number of times he insulted lesbians and often singled out and commented on the attractiveness of male audience members.

Sophomore Caleb Goad received continous attention from Branum throughout the show.

“I thought he was extremely crass,” Goad said. “I stopped listening after the first two minutes.”

Several students said they felt uneasy during Branum’s uncensored comedy show.

Freshman Ali Dickey said she was uncomfortable.

Junior Bouquet Harger speculated that Branum caused a few students to leave after making a controversial joke about abortion. However, Harger said she enjoyed attending the LAB event. She thought his complaints about Portland were funny.

“He made fun of and complained about a lot of things in a good way,” Harger said.

Negative comments about Branum’s style were mixed with praise from many other attendees.

“I thought he was as funny here as he was in ‘No Strings Attached,’” senior Geoff Porter said.

Sophmore Allyna Murray said she also enjoyed the show.

“He was funnier than on the ‘Chelsea Lately Show,’” Murray said.

Branum questioned freshman Riley Gibson during the show for propping his broken foot on the railing in Ice Auditorium. Despite being made fun of, Gibson said he thought Branum’s act was “pretty good.”

Branum is best known for his work with Chelsea Lately on the ‘Chelsea Lately Show’ and his film debut in the 2011 movie ‘No Strings Attached,’ starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman.

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