Recycling revamp makes being sustainable easy

Sustainability is an important component of Linfield. One of the easiest ways to participate in sustainability is by recycling.

We know that it may not be in the forefront of students’ minds considering the busy day-to-day schedules we have to manage, but we would like to remind students that taking a little extra time outside of our busy lives to recycle makes a big difference on campus and in the world.

There are too many garbage cans around campus filled with soda bottles and paper that could be recycled. While it may be more convenient to throw recyclable items away in the nearest garbage can, if you look around, you will surely notice that there are recycling bins in almost every building on campus. It does not take that much effort to walk a few extra steps to a recycling bin on campus.

Also, recycling just got a lot easier for students who live in the residence halls and suburbs. Thanks to the work of freshman Michelle Herrera, Residence Life and Facilities Services, students can sign up with their Resident Advisor to get a recycling bin for their own rooms. Herrera received a Sustainability Grant to purchase 700 bins, making the bins free for students.

We are lucky to attend a school that provides us with easy access to recycling equipment, and we should take advantage of that privilege.

We think that if students put in a little effort to incorporate recycling into their everyday college life, then the student body could bring about a great change on campus and in the community as a whole.

We would like to encourage students to become active in recycling in the residence halls, suburbs and across campus. If each person made a conscious effort to recycle, then imagine the greatness that could be accomplished.

-The Review Editorial Board

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