Post-college lifestyle yields excitement, new adventures

I recently wrote an article about how the year has slipped away from us fast and seniors only have two short months to live up the rest of their college careers (“Words of wisdom: Take advantage of the college lifestyle,” TLR, March 11.) I was recently addressed by someone who said that I was partially wrong about saying we are currently living in the best four years of our lives.

Dave Jubb, class of ’71, recently wrote me an email and said “life after college is a wonderful adventure full of fun and excitement.”

He added, “College was great, but from the viewpoint of an old man looking back, I say it’s the start of a fabulous journey.”

College is an amazing adventure, but we have so much to look forward to after. It is not like the world suddenly stops after we walk across the stage.

I started a little list of things we have to be excited for after college:

1. Finding our first job: If you are not going on to graduate school, then finding a job is a must if you do not want to go back home and live with your parents. Not only that, but it is also the start of what we choose to do with the rest of our lives. It should be exciting not apprehensive.

2. Marriage: I know I am in over my head, but finding someone you want to share the rest of your life with is exciting. After we graduate, we do not have any more sorority or fraternity functions to attend or proms to even find a date for, but we do have friends’ weddings to attend and the chance to have similar experiences.

3. Babies: I am in way, way over my head with this point, but it is something that will eventually come for many after college. Starting a family is something we can experience, along with watching our kids go through the experiences we have been through ourselves.

4. Having money: This is a point I bet most college students can agree with. After finding a job and then paying off our loans, eventually, we will have money and not always have to ask our parents for some. I now stand corrected saying these are the best four years I have experienced myself, but I am excited and terrified for what is to come after May 29, when I walk across the stage and am handed my diploma and am actually living in the real world.

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