Linfield bands play for fame during competition

Linfield held the second Battle of the Bands competition April 28 in Ice Auditorium. Students were treated to performances by rising young musicians.

The winner, Prowler, won studio time, a possible record deal and a slot to play in Wildstock slated for May 20.

However, all bands put up a tight battle. The bands were led by sophomores Evan O’Kelly and Brittany Baker and juniors Nic Miles and Danny Brown.

Junior Danny Brown fronts the winning band, Prowler, which plays classical metal. This is his first time performing at the event.

“I figure I’ll be nervous, but if I have fun I should be OK,” he said.

Band members for Prowler include juniors Logan Veith on rhythm guitar, Dan Smith on drums and seniors Andrew Sherman as lead guitarist and Garrett Garceau on bass.

Brown said one of his biggest challenges was finding people to play in the band.

“I don’t know too many people who play this kind of music,” he said. “I asked my roommate Logan and Andrew Sherman mentioned Garrett Garceau and he brought another friend, Dan Smith.”

Brown said he is inspired by bands including Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Queensrÿche. He also mentioned the significance of the songs his band played: “Ignorance: (Falling Sky),” is about environmental ignorance, and “Battle Weary,” is a song about a soldier who deals with going to battles.”

O’Kelley, whose band doesn’t yet have a name, includes junior Jessie Georgen, lead vocalist; sophomore Wes Yurovchak, on drums, and freshmen Sylvan Tovar on bass and Will Chou on violin.

O’Kelly says he loves playing in the band.

“When you work hard at something, it’s rewarding. It’s pretty satisfying to put on a show,” he said.

O’Kelly’s music is a mix of rock and blues, inspired by the likes of Eric Clapton, John Mayle and Miles Davis. As a band leader, he faces many challenges including putting songs together.

“We only had a week to put together songs, we were busy with school work as well,” he said.

Nic Miles, Musical Entertainment Chair for the Linfield Activities Board, opened the concert with his own band, which earned enthusiasm from the crowd.

The judges of this year’s Battle of the Bands were President Thomas Hellie and Michael Huntsberger, assistant professor of mass communication.

Linfield students gave enthusiastic feedback.

Sophomore Nora Burnfield said she thought “they were all great, the styles were all different. It’s hard to judge.”

She said it was hard to choose which band she wanted to win.

Freshman Kayla Truax said she thought the “last one, Prowler, they’re fantastic.”

Josh Merrick, area director for activities said he enjoyed the variety displayed in the show.
“They were all so different in styles, and they performed really well. I thought Prowler earned the prize and it was an exciting show,” Merrick said.

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