Letter to the Editor: Olson

To the Editor,

Tremendous thanks to the Linfield community for coming out in such strength to support the Choir’s homecoming concert Friday night. As a member of the Concert Choir, I know that the music we prepared and the experiences we had on tour were meaningful in an abiding and personal way. I was blown away by the number of students, faculty and community members who took the time and effort to share with us the music that had brought us so much joy.

The idea that each member of the ensemble had so much support from so many facets of their life is inspiring and a reminder of what I love most about Linfield: the constant opportunity to honor the accomplishments and character of each member of the community. The choir experience itself has been about finding a sense of unity as an ensemble, even as we individually strive to develop
our personal relationships to music and to each other. In a parallel way, sharing our music with the greater Linfield campus was about presenting ourselves as a collective to the community to which we belong as much as it was about receiving love from the people who came to support individuals in the choir.

The concert was a reminder of how meaningful the simplest shows of support can be. It has motivated me to more actively attend the functions of my peers and to remember that I am always a part of the Linfield community.

Thank you,
Sophomore, Caitlyn Olson

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