Letter to the Editor: Harmon

To the Editor,

As a huge fan of the women’s softball team, I feel a need to comment on the article by Chris Forrer that appeared in last week’s Linfield Review. It is true that many women on the Catball team are having great success at bat, and I think we should be celebrating that. It is equally true that these women strive first and foremost for success as a team.

I got to know this team (and their families) over the past couple of years, and I was privileged to be with them in Wisconsin last year when they were on the quest for a national title. They were happy when someone knocked one over the fences, but they were happy because that meant more runs on the board.

Doucette cheered for Prestianni, Prestianni cheered for Lepp, Lepp cheered for Baxter. It didn’t matter whose home run it was — they are a team. That may not be fully accurate. More than being a team, they are family. They celebrate with each other on the field and off. They provide support for each other in tough times, on the field and off. They want the best for each other — individually and as a team.

Watching them, I am reminded of everything I love about competitive sports. I invite you to turn out this Sunday to watch them in their final, regular season game. I bet you’ll catch Catball fever too.

Debbie Harmon/Director of Alumni relations.

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  1. Shawna Prestianni // April 15, 2011 at 1:46 pm //

    Thank you Debbie Harmon!

  2. That's great but... // April 16, 2011 at 8:47 pm //

    Debbie, while I can appreciate what you experienced last year with the soft ball team, and am kind of jealous you got to be there, I fail to see how that experience has much to do with the article written by Chris Forrer. In no way did he say anything to tarnish the incredible year that the lady wildcats had last season. History does have a tendency to repeat it’s self and if we want another title I encourage everyone to stop for a moment and take what he said for what it was, a fan’s plea for his team to stay on track. GO CATS!

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