To the Editor,

Being a previous Linfield Review editor-in-chief and a Linfield senator, I am extremely pleased to read about the changes President Colin Jones proposed (and which were approved by the student body) to the structure of the ASLC Senate. I commend him and whomever worked with him to make the Senate a working, productive balance to the ASLC Cabinet, rather than a miasma of hand-raising, aye-saying rubber stamps. As has been the case for quite some time, more was not better when it came to Senate, and thinning down the ranks is a step in the right direction. This was something I wanted to see when I worked for the Review, and I’m glad to see that Jones had the foresight to put forth the suggestions needed. I look forward to reading about next year’s Senate in future issues of the Review, and I wish it and Vice President-elect Bradley Keliinoi the best of luck.

Dominic Baez
Class of ’10, 2009-10 Linfield
Review editor-in-chief

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