Get to know the 2011-12 ASLC Cabinet

Name: Mitch Edwards


Position: Student Center Director
Age: 21
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Biology/Chemistry
Hometown: Beaverton, Ore.

Qualifications: Edwards’ most-related qualification to this position is the experience he gained from working in the Gameroom and as a substitute in the Campus Information Center (CIC). He also has experience helping others, since he has been a biology and human physiology teaching assistant. Edwards said he has also gained communication skills from being a receptionist at a nursing home, as well as event planning skills from being a residence hall president.

Reasons for applying: Edwards said that he has been busy with schoolwork during the last two years, but he was involved in student government in high school. Now he said he wants to give back to the Linfield community. He also said the three facilities that he will oversee, the Gameroom, CIC and Bike Co-Op, are underused, and he wants to make them more accessible to students. Edwards said he hopes to gain confidence outside of academics and gain managing skills.

Goals: One of Edwards’ goals is to make the Gameroom a more social space so it feels like a place where students can hang out. He said he wants people to go there without already having a task in mind. Edwards also wants to make the CIC employees better informed of the events taking place on campus and have more training sessions or weekly emails, he said. He would also like to develop better communication with the Bike Co-Op manager and get the word out about the Co-Op, he said.

Words of Wisdom: “Get involved early in either student government or Residence Life because being involved in the Linfield community will positively impact your life in so many ways,” Edwards said.

Interests: Edwards is a baseball fan and enjoys watching movies and relaxing. He said he also likes to stay up to date with news about medicine around the world because he wants to be a doctor.

Favorites: Edwards’ favorite color is red. His favorite movies are comedies, such as “Patch Adams,” “Bull Durham” and “Dumb and Dumber.” He also likes to watch the TV shows “Scrubs,” “Baseball Tonight” and “Jersey Shore.” Edwards said his favorite kind of music is hip-hop.

~Compiled by Jessica Prokop/News editor

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  1. I LOVE MITCH EDWARDS // May 10, 2011 at 8:42 am //

    My god that is an attractive man


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