Get to know the 2011-12 ASLC Cabinet

Position: Club Director

Age: 19

Year: Sophomore

Major: Mass Communication

Hometown: Amity, Ore.

Qualifications: Miles’ qualification most related to this position is his experience as the Musical Entertainment Chair for the Linfield Activities Board. While holding this position, he planned and organized events, such as Thursday night Cat Cabs. He also worked on the
Associated Students of Linfield College budget and was a Residence Life Advisor.

Reasons for applying: Miles said that he did not decide to apply until the week that applications were due. He said he decided to go through with it because he was looking for a position that would cause him to be used as a resource so that students could get more of out their Linfield experience.
“I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and jump into something new to see if I could swim,” he said.

Goals: Miles said that he wants to increase communication between himself, senators and members of the Senate Club Support and Finance Committee. He also wants to raise awareness of the Activities Council and its availability to students.

Words of Wisdom: “Know what your money is being spent on at Linfield,” Miles said. “A lot of students don’t know that a portion of their student body fees goes to the Activities Council.”

Interests: Miles runs cross country and track for Linfield. He said he also enjoys playing instruments, such as his guitar, and he is excited to study abroad in Trinidad and Tobago during January Term 2012.

Favorites: Miles’ favorite color is red. His favorite movie is “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” He also likes to watch “The Office,” “Pawn Stars” and the local news when he goes home to visit his parents. Miles said his favorite band is Blink 182.
“I’m also a Calvin and Hobbes fan,” he said.

~Compiled by Jessica Prokop/News editor

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