Faculty votes to nix math requirement

The Faculty Assembly voted March 14 to eliminate the mathematics proficiency requirement from the Linfield College Catalog. This means students under next year’s catalog will not need to meet this requirement to graduate.

Junior Bradley Keliinoi, student representative on the Curriculum Committee, said the Department of Mathematics brought the elimination proposal to the committee in the fall. He said many students already meet Linfield’s mathematics requirement before coming to Linfield and that the requirement had not been evaluated for 30 years.

“College graduation requirements should focus on academic courses at the college level, thus the math proficiency requirement, which ideally should be met before entering college, seemed inappropriate,” Keliinoi said.

The 2010-11 Linfield Catalogue states that students must show proficiency in math by scoring at least 520 on the mathematics portion of the SAT or 22 on the mathematics portion of the ACT, by passing a math proficiency test during Fall Orientation or by completing a three-credit math class above Math 105 (except for Math 135 or 136).

The “Elimination of the Mathematics Proficiency Requirement” proposal states that the requirement should be eliminated, among other reasons, because “in the state of Oregon, Algebra II (the level of Math Proficiency) is a high school graduation requirement” and that the Quantitative Reasoning requirement allows students to develop necessary quantitative abilities.

The requirement will affect the catalogue for incoming freshmen in the fall, but current students can decide to switch to the new catalogue next year.

“Students can always choose the catalog under which they want to graduate,” Chuck Dunn, associate professor of mathematics and Curriculum Committee chair, said in an email. “However, students must satisfy all of the requirements within a chosen catalog. They do not have the option of picking and choosing from among the requirements in different catalogs.”
Students are still required to take mathematics for those courses that require mathematics courses as a prerequisite.

Kelley Hungerford/Editor-in-chief
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  1. This saddens me. I know that a lot of people hate math, but it’s really not that difficult to satisfy the current math requirement. There are a lot of fun courses that will satisfy the requirement that will ultimately only help people’s critical thinking skills.

  2. Or you could be like me and never need to take math anyway. ;)

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