Faculty approves international relations major

Two weeks ago, Linfield faculty approved the curriculum for a new international relations major to be offered next year.

According to the proposed international relations curriculum, the major “emphasizes the development of tools and knowledge necessary to excel in an increasingly interconnected world and globalized job market.”

Assistant Professor of Political Science Patrick Cottrell said the idea for the major has been in the works since he came to Linfield in 2008. He has been the driving force behind having the course of study available to students.

The idea behind the major was to “provide students with an interdisciplinary course of study,” Cottrell said.

He said that one of the things that makes this major unique is that students can choose their own course of study. For example, students could focus on language and culture together or a combination of culture and society.

“First and foremost, I hope students find it [international relations] to provide a valuable and rewarding academic opportunity. The major itself not only capitalizes on the liberal arts mission by promoting Linfield’s core themes of integrated learning, global and multicultural awareness and experiential learning, but also harnesses existing strengths in international programs to provide a more cohesive course of study in this regard.”

Students can apply for up to 12 credits toward two majors, Cottrell said.

The goal is for students to graduate with an international relations degree instead of one from another discipline.

Cottrell said that students’ success in globalizing the job market will benefit them with an international relations degree.

For more information about the new major, contact Cottrell at pcottre@linfield.edu.

Chelsea Bowen/Opinion editor
Chelsea Bowen can be reached at linfieldreviewopinion@gmail.com.

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