Decision swayed by abortion controversy

The United States birth rate in 2009 hit a record low for the century. This is partly because people decided to have children later in life or not to at all, which may have been prompted by the recession.

However, teen pregnancies have been on the rise. The Center for Disease Control reported that a third of girls will be teenage mothers. Whatever the cause, family planning practices are important and need to be available for them to be effective.

The bill to cut to family planning practices funding, such as that to Planned Parenthood, has now gone through the House of Representatives and Senate twice. In the second time through, the House passed the bill, but the Senate continued to deny the cut.

While the Senate believes in funding the necessary medical assistance people turn to Planned Parenthood for, the House seemed to be focused on false rumors about abortion practices.

Many rumors have led people to believe that the money provided to Planned Parenthood is funding abortions and that these procedures comprise the majority of the services performed. The funding received by Planned Parenthood does not provide abortions. Money for abortions comes from private funds.

Abortions are also not a major part of their services; they make up about 10 percent of what people go to Planned Parenthood for.

Getting an abortion is no easy thing. It is a very difficult decision for anyone to make, be they a mother or father. It is a painful process physically and mentally. Women who receive abortions are strongly encouraged to receive counseling after their experience.

Even years later, dealing with the tragedy can be difficult and is something no one should have to go through. Women often become depressed or feel regretful afterward. They can also face ridicule from others if they decide to share their experience with loved ones.

Abortions can be the right decision for some people, and we are lucky enough to live in a country where we can make that decision. In Ireland, for example, abortions are not legal even if the woman’s life or the baby’s life is in danger. Not everyone feels it is the appropriate decision.
There are other options for women with unwanted pregnancies, such as having and keeping the baby. Another option is putting the child up for adoption. There are multiple ways to handle the situation.

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