Vocal ensemble brings Renaissance era music alive

The professional women’s vocal ensemble In Mulieribus performed March 6 in Ice Auditorium.

Their performance set included famous compositions by Palestrina, Landini, Machaut, Dufay and Josquin.

Their music showcased the primary forms of polyphony: florid organum, the conductus and the motet. Florid organum illustrates the subordinate role of pre-existing chant while the conductus is completely original and independent. The motet highlights text that is sung simultaneously by upper voices.

“I thought the group’s sound was quite spectacular. They had good sense of pitch” freshman Joe Komarek said. “It was a good selection of music, starting with Gregorian chant and ending with contemporary choral music — with Renaissance polyphony music in between. So I personally enjoyed the concert very much.”

Anna Song, director of choirs and assistant professor of music, co-founded the ensemble in 2004. Song served as the artistic director and conductor of the group.

“I thought it was good. I was pleased. There were challenges, but overall it went well,” Song said of the performance.

In Mulieribus is dedicated to bringing the community together through music written before the 1750s and bringing the Renaissance back to life.

“I recently had moved to Portland, and I loved early music, especially from the Renaissance,” Song said. “I was looking for an artistic outlet, and I wanted to perform music at a professional level.”

Both Song and Tuesday Rupp co-founded the ensemble. When Rupp was unable to continue her leadership position, Song took over. What started out as an informal hobby quickly turned into a popular group.

“We gave a concert, and we had almost 250 people come to our first Christmas performance,” Song said. “The reception was well received. We got a board together and became a non-profit organization.”

In Mulieribus is also involved in community service. Until recently, all of its proceeds went to non-profit organizations, especially those geared toward helping women and children.

The ensemble not only represents polyphonic music but uses its voice to give back to the community at large.
To find out more information about In Mulieribus, visit www.inmulierbus.org.

Chelsea Ploof/For the Review
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