TLR endorses Coffey, Keliinoi for ASLC

The Associated Students of Linfield College elections will take place March 8, and we would like to take this opportunity to endorse juniors Rachel Coffey for ASLC president and Bradley Keliinoi for vice presidnet.

One aspect of Coffey’s campaign that stood out to us is her initiative to re-vamp the Fred Meyer Lounge. This is a long-term project, and we think that one of the responsibilities of the president should be to embark on projects that will improve student life on campus in the long run.

A second admirable aspect of Coffey’s campaign is that she wants to bring about more communication when it comes to students, faculty and administration. Also, she has a set plan for getting the word out about ASLC and Senate, including sending out a report about what is taking place in Cabinet once a month.

Although junior Katie Patterson has experience from being the ASLC Vice President of the 2010-11 academic
year, she does not seem to be as motivated as Coffey when it comes to taking on the role of president.

“I considered not running, but this is such an interest of mine and it feels like my responsibility to help try to better the student interest, which I enjoy doing,” Patterson told us last week (“VP hopeful drops from ASLC race after one day,” TLR, Feb. 25).

It seems that Patterson views the presidency as simply the next step in her career on ASLC and as an obligation. Coffey, however, appears to view the position as a genuine opportunity to make changes in students’ time at Linfield.

Patterson also says she wants to take charge of the way fees from the student body are spent, but she has not outlined ways in which she plans to make this happen.

While Patterson’s goals are certainly reasonable and should be kept in mind by whomever is elected, we think that Coffey has the drive to achieve her goals. Patterson campaigned on improving Senate last year and little, if anything, has gotten better during her time in office — although the semester has not yet come to an end.

Coffey seems earnestly dedicated to making changes, and we anticipate that.

We also endorse Keliinoi and remind you to vote for him even though he is unopposed. If anyone has the experience and dedication to fix Senate, it’s Keliinoi.

We hope you take our points into consideration, and we will continue to update you on election happeings. Be sure to catch the next debate or “Fireside Chats” on March 7 and don’t forget to cast your vote March 8
in the online ballot, which will be sent via e-mail.

-The Review Editorial Board

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