Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity celebrates founding

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity members and friends of the organization took the opportunity to catch up and see the newly remodeled chapter house March 5.

Fraternity members, ranging from alumni active in the 1950s to active members, came together at the Delta Rho Chapter Founder’s Day and House Grand Re-Opening — an event aimed at celebrating the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity’s 1868 founding.

A total of 75 people were welcomed and served appetizers and refreshments before the program began, Joe Welsh, President Delta Rho of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity building association said.

“At the main house during the afternoon was mostly a review of our Founder’s Day,” he said. “We didn’t want to get into too much detail on next steps at the event because we had a lot of friends of the fraternity there as opposed to alumni and active members.”

Although the subsequent plans were not revealed in detail during the event, attendees were not completely out of the loop as posters and displays were available to peruse.

“We had some architectural plans for a new building that we’re planning on building. [O]ur landscape architect had done a rendering of our landscape design plan that we’re going to implement over the next couple of years and a plan posted that showed what our furniture plan was going to be over the next year,” Welsh said.

The objective is to invest in furniture with industrial and residential qualities, Welsh added.

The event was split into two parts. After the festivities at the chapter house ended, attendees ate dinner at Golden Valley Brewery.

“We went into more detail about those next steps and their costs,” Welsh said. “There was a laundry list of about 30 different things we want to take care of over the next couple of years.”

Despite the to-do list, Welsh said the focus is on the “big picture items,” the new building, the landscaping and purchasing furniture for the house’s common area.

Developing an alumni advisory board was among the discussion topics at dinner that evening, Welsh said.
“The board would allow some of our alumni with experience in management, finances and organizational development, step in and help mentor the officers here in the chapter so that as they’re growing they can begin to develop stronger chapter operations,” he said. “We had a really good reception to that conversation.”

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  1. wildcatpike // March 22, 2011 at 2:52 pm //

    Congratulations to the alumni for making this happen and congratulations to the students on your new ‘Fraternity Home’… best of luck in the coming year!

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