`Mac’-ximize your Excercise

The summer season is approaching and that means the winter pounds packed on from the massive amounts of holiday foods need to be shed before the swimsuits are brought back out. A quick-fix crazy tea diet or magic pills endorsed by Jersey Shore cast members could do the trick but are not recommended for health reasons. A safer option is a simple trip to the gym. Since Linfield’s weight room can get overcrowded, a membership at a McMinnville gym may be just what the trainer ordered. Here is a list of workout facilities in the local area for those who are looking to improve their “situation.”

McMinnville Crossfit

According to Crossfit’s website, “Crossfit is a fitness program focused on maximizing a person’s potential in strength, cardiovascular endurance, respiratory endurance, power, speed, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. In other words, general all-around athleticism.”

Crossfit is more for the athlete willing to sweat. It is not the average gym with stair stepper machines, but it uses classes to get the members in shape. There are classes throughout the day, at specific times, to sign up for depending on which works best with your schedule.




•Intro. Academy (6 classes for 2 weeks): $55
•Misc. Membership 10-visit punch card: $111
•3x week prices, no contract:
1 month: $90
3 months: $80/month
6 months: $70/month
1 year: $60/month
•Unlimited, no contract:
1 month: $120
3 months: $110/month
6 months: $105/month
1 year: $90/month


845 NE 8th Street



Cindy’s Gym

Cindy’s Gym is not for everyone — literally. It is a women-only health club. The gyms boasts many machines for a cardio workout. The gym also offers classes, including Zumba and yoga, throughout the day that are free with membership.

10 tans: $42
Per month: $60
Single tan: $7
•Monthly members:
10-tan monthly package: $30
Monthly, unlimited: $42

•Student/1 month: $40
•Student/1-year contract: $35/month

1015 NW Adams


Excell Fitness

Excell Fitness is a medium-sized gym near Pizza Hut. It provides many cardio machines with televisions to watch your favorite shows while working out. The drive is a little bit further than most gyms but it is a cheaper option. Excell also offers a nutrition system online and classes such as Zumba and Turbo Kick.

•Now owned by Tan Republic
•One month unlimited in silver level bed: $19 (offer ends April 1)
•Half-off enrollment for any membership (includes free bottle of Hemp lotion)
•Offers UV-free Mystic tan: $15 with membership

•Student special, 1-year contract: $34/month with $60 enrollment fee or $49 without a contract

1461 NE Highway 99W


Anytime Fitness

Although a little bit farther from campus, there is a benefit to the drive to Anytime Fitness. Hence the name, Anytime Fitness, the gym is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

•Student special: $31.99/month for a 1-year contract plus enrollment fee

•Once month, unlimited: $43.99 (membership not required)

856 NE Hwy 99W Suite C



If you are short on time, head over to Curves. The workouts are aimed at accomplishing
a cardio and strength-training session in 30 minutes. The gym is offered to women only, and they can visit any Curves location with the membership.

•One-year contract: $34/month, plus enrollment fee


490 NE Highway 99 W


by Corrina Crocker/Sports editor

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