Limited overnight parking causes frustration

I think that most students on campus can agree that parking around here is like a battlefield each and every day of the school week. It’s pretty common to see students circle around the school multiple times hunting for a decent parking space. It’s also just as common to see students duke it out for the same prime parking spot once they return from their evening activities such as sports.

The number of students who have cars on campus doesn’t exactly correlate to the number of parking spaces that are available for overnight, on-campus parking.

I live in the Hewlett Packard apartments, and it seems as though anytime I leave in the evening to go run an errand, I can pretty much guarantee that any spot in the HP parking lot and any street parking next to the football or baseball fields will not be available once I return a short time later. This means that I will have to find a place to park in front of Dillin Hall or by the Field House.

It’s definitely not fun to make the trek back the HPs when this happens. It can also be a little scary when you have to walk so far back to where you live when it’s midnight, dark and there’s no one in sight.

I’m not suggesting that the school build a new parking structure or anything of that sort, but it would be nice if there were a few more places where students could park their vehicles overnight.

For example, it would be helpful to students if there were more overnight parking spaces in the lot adjacent to the baseball field and closest to the HPs. There are only a small number of spaces that allow overnight parking, and I think it would be greatly appreciated if a few more rows of parking could open up for this purpose. That parking lot is typically fairly empty, and there are still two other parking lots that are located next to the library if students want to drive there to study.

Overall, I think that more overnight parking on campus would eliminate stress on students, and it may even keep them from parking overnight in parking spaces that are off limits.

Chelsea Bowen/Opinion editor
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