Fraternity celebrates house re-opening

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity will celebrate the official re-opening of their fraternity house on March 5.

President of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, senior Jon Thompson said that members of the group were moved into the house on Feb. 5, but March 5 will mark the completion of construction on the house.

A total of 50-70 fraternity alumni will see the finished product just days after the fraternity’s 143rd Anniversity on March 1.

“To be honest, the contractors and builders did an excellent job,” Thompson said.

Even though the layout of the new house is a bit different from the old one, it still has lot of the same characteristics. The house has the original fireplace, and the front porch is of the same style as the one before it.

“The alumns wanted to keep the core pieces of the house similar,” Thompson said. “The general house structure is the same and you would be able to recognize it no matter what year you were a ‘Pike,’” he said.

Thompson compared the new style of the house to that of a small dorm. All of the upstairs bedrooms are shared by a single hallway.

“If you need help studying there’s someone right across the hall,” he said. “You could be separated from your brothers in the old house because of the layout.”

The old Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity house was shut down after the fire marshal came through the house in 2008 and declared it unsafe.

During the fall of 2010, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity received a large loan from nationals. The main construction of house began in the spring of 2010.

“I’m mainly excited that we have a place to live together,” said In House Vice President sophomore Brad Dupea.

“It’s going to be nice having the new house and getting back into Greek events.”

Thompson expressed that he is looking forward to having all of the alumni back to meet the new Pikes at the house.

“I feel like Saturday is going to be a great day for all Pikes no matter what year,” he said.

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