Citation phone scam

Director/chief Robert Cepeda of Linfield College Community Public Safety and Security issued a campus-wide e-mail exposing a telephone scam March 10.

The e-mail stated that the college’s technical staff determined that calls have been made to McMinnville citizens by a male using a number not assigned to any city or county but that appears on caller identification systems as 503-434-7402 — the phone number of the McMinnville Municipal Court. The person behind the calls tells receivers that there are past-due citations in their name and that they owe money to the city.

But, the McMinnville Municipal court does not place calls regarding past-due accounts, Cepeda said in the e-mail.

The e-mail cautioned against offering the suspicious caller any money, financial or identification information. It suggested to “ask for the name of the caller and insist on seeing documentation of the alleged citation,” pay attention to background noises, vocal cues and report the call to the McMinnville Police Department at 503-434-7307 during business hours and 503-434-6500 after hours and on weekends.

Any collections questions can be directed to the Municipal Court at 230 NE Second St. or to 503-434-7402.

Copies of citations or related documentation are provided by the Court.

~Compiled by Septembre Russell/Copy chief

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