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Swollen Symptoms of a Different Sign

Dear Bailey,
During my last period one of my breasts became swollen and tender. I’m not pregnant so is there something wrong with me?

No, there is nothing wrong with you. This is completely normal and it is fairly common. One or both breasts will become heavy and tender before or during a woman’s menstrual cycle. This is called fibrocystic breast change. They are believed to be caused by all those crazy hormones that are telling your body to “get milk ready for a pregnancy!” (This is just because an egg is passing through the fallopian tube, not because you actually are.) These symptoms can also fluctuate throughout time.

Sometimes the breast may have lumps which are not always a sign of breast cancer especially when they appear only during this time. They do make it difficult to detect a lump that may be breast cancer so self examination shortly after your menstrual cycle is a good idea. This is not a diagnosis and if you have a major concern about it you should see a doctor.

To help with the painful symptoms try taking a pain pill or buy a bra with more support for those oh-so special days. If that doesn’t work talk to your doctor about diet changes. Getting on birth control may help as well.

Bailey/Advice columnist
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Change Wins Big

Well, the election results came in. They went the exact way most of us expected them to go: with Rachel Coffey handedly claiming victory.

Rachel Coffey winning was completely unsurprising in my mind. As far as I know, the election was marred by dissenting students expressing frustration on the current regime. I don’t think Katie Patterson ever really had a chance.

As the current vice president, she bore the brunt of the criticism of everything currently going on with senate, which isn’t exactly a compliment. Add in the fact that she wasn’t doing much to distance herself and the outcome seemed almost guaranteed to be unfavorable for her.

Being in the public eye didn’t exactly help her in this case. All Rachel Coffey had to do was walk up to the debate podium with a mantra of change and a new plan to be miles ahead. It was almost impossible to put a negative spin on it, given the current image shown by Senate. The less than half of the school that cared enough to click a link voted overwhelmingly to endorse a candidate brimming with new ideas, one that had been championed by the Linfield media from the beginning.

I’m sorry Katie Patterson, but you were in trouble from the beginning. This year made people stop paying attention and those that did were not exactly your biggest fans.

Congratulations to Rachel Coffey for once again trying to start over.

Matt Olson/Columnist
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