Weight room requires a more practical makeover

Linfield’s weight room is a constant disappointment to walk into.

It is a struggle to walk in after class only to find three of the four treadmills are broken and the one that works is in use.

You might be thinking that I should just go outside and run, but the weather in McMinnville has been too cold as of late.

It’s annoying that the gym is always full with random people working out. And then, to top off how packed it is, there is always a full sports team lifting at the same time.

Although the weight room received a little face-lift during the summer, it is still a small weight room that lacks equipment for its nationally ranked sports teams that Linfield has to boast about. With such strong athletics at Linfield and so many student athletes, it’s hard to believe that this room is not up to the standard one would think we would have.

The new block schedule that Linfield is using also does not help the overcrowded feeling of the workout facility. Now, students all seem to be done with classes at one time, and all seem to use the weight room at the same time. Thank goodness the football players are working out in the morning, giving the rest of us a little room to sweat in the afternoon.

The workout facility also lacks a space for people to work out without using weight racks. There is no good spot for using free weights or a good spot to lie down and work out. You always feel like someone is going to trample you unless you go out into the hallway; although you are in the way of people passing by.

Another issue I hear about from others who use the cardio equipment is how long people stay on the limited number of machines. A proposal to this issue is possibly a sign-up sheet limiting the amount of time someone can stay on a machine.

I am not asking for a brand-new, 20,000-square- foot workout facility, although I couldn’t say no to that. I’m just suggesting that maybe a schedule be put in place so that regular students aren’t competing with athletes for equipment or each other for weights or a working treadmill.

Corrina Crocker/Sports editor
Corrina Crocker can be reached at linfieldreviewsports@gmail.com

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