Students encourage others to give blood

The American Red Cross will be on campus for its second annual blood drive with Linfield on Feb. 25.

Order of Omega president senior Michael Eldredge was in charge of sending out e-mails and setting up tables inside Dillin Hall to gain publicity for the blood drive. He also had the responsibility of contacting Red Cross members and reserving spots for two buses outside of the Rutschman Field House.

“Our goal is 108 sign-ups, but we want at least 84 students actually giving blood,” Eldredge said.

The ideal outcome for the American Red Cross would be to draw 84 pints of blood, he said.

“It’s a great cause, and there are certain blood types that are more rare than others,” he said.

Junior Sarah Wilder has helped with the blood drive before and will be working in the front of the bus, which is called the canteen. Wilder will help students recover after they have given blood by giving them juice and crackers.

“Most people recover in 10 to 15 minutes,” Wilder said.

Wilder, who has also given blood in the past, said she suggests that a person should refrain from looking at the needle if he or she is feeling nervous about giving blood.

Junior Kathryn Baker has been giving blood since she was 16 and said she would like to see others contribute as well.

“To encourage students, I would make sure they understand that their small donation of one pint of blood can save up to three lives and that it is a very important cause,” Baker said. “Many people are afraid of needles and having their blood drawn; I myself used to by terrified of giving blood, but I would encourage those people to overcome their fear because not only does it help with personal growth, but it also helps save lives.”

Baker said in an e-mail that she has no problem giving blood.

Territory representative for the American Red Cross Kelly O’Rourke works with partners to set up blood drives.

“Linfield is one our bigger McMinnville drives,” she said.

On top of having students donate blood, another mission of the American Red Cross is to educate students.

“Every two seconds someone in the country needs blood,” she said.

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