Spring sports are almost in the air

Hey ’Cats! Spring has sprung and that means it’s back to the old grind of schoolwork, classes and being so busy you only stop to eat, sleep and go on the occasional 11:59 Catty Shack run.

It’s been a long, cold couple of months since I last got to burn up the keyboard for the Review, and I’m currently battling a head cold that has swept through the theater department, so pardon my rust.

Before I get going into the bulk of my column today, I want to give a quick shout out to coach Robin Potera-Haskins and the Linfield women’s basketball team on their first winning season in more than five years. Not to say “I told you so” or anything, but I did write two separate articles focusing on how I thought Haskins was going to turn the team around, and what do you know? A winning season is in the books.

But enough about basketball! It’s spring: the time when wet, miserable weather and dreams of summer and sports are the focus of everyone’s attention. Well, maybe not everyone is dialed into spring sports … but they really should be. The baseball team is on a pretty hot streak lately after winning their first five in a row. One of those wins was against Western Oregon University, by the way, which is a Division II school. For those sports-illiterate out there, that means that WOU has more funding, better facilities and the ability to recruit more top-tier players than Linfield, and we beat them. Pretty neat, huh?

True, the team did proceed to drop their next two games in a row, but these were top-notch teams in, again, higher divisions (NAIA and D-II, respectively), so take it with a sizable grain of salt.

Basically, your Linfield baseball team is living up to its No. 8 ranking and looks like a
national title contender for the second year in a row. Mazel tov!

As for the women, the softball team was rained out before its highly anticipated season opener, so anyone interested in watching that game can catch it at 3 p.m. on March 9.

Something else seems to be nagging me the back of my mind about these gals. Maybe
it’s the five All-Americans still on the roster? The bulk of last year’s team (which set more NCAA and school records than I can count) returning? The No. 1 national ranking by the National Fastpitch Coaches Association?

Never mind; I’m sure it’ll come to me later.
In the meantime, I’d highly recommend catching some softball games while the weather is nice. Last year’s team belted a ri-freaking-diculous 78 home runs in 49 games last year. In other words, if this season’s squad is anywhere near that caliber (which the NFCA says it is), you’re guaranteed at least one home run a game.

Now that’s getting some bang for your buck!

Chris Forrer/For the Review

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