Senior vocalist entertains with operatic performance

When audience members filed in to watch senior Melissa Davaz’s student recital on Feb. 20, many found they got much more than they had bargained for.

Davaz sang various operatic pieces, such as “Sehnsucht nach dem Frühling” by Mozart, “Waldesgespräch” by Schumann, “Ganymed” by Schubert, and “Fleur desséchée” by Viardot.

Deborah Huddleston, adjuct professor of music and the pianist at the recital, spoke highly of her experience working with Davaz.

“She’s very organized, she knows what she wants, and she adapts well,” Huddleston said. “It’s wonderful to play with someone who can nuance the songs like she does. It’s like working with a professional.”

Davaz has been singing for about eight years. She said she is inspired by artists from the Romantic period, such as Schubert and Brahms,  although she admitted she is also partial to more contemporary artists such as the Allman Brothers and Billie Holiday.

In addition to her operatic performances, Davaz also plays the keyboard and sings with the folk-rock band Jack Ruby Presents.

Davaz studied vocally under Professor of Music Gwen Leonard and spent a semester abroad studying music in Vienna, Austria.

Davaz graduated in December 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and a minor in Music.

“For me, Linfield has created a diversity of experiences,” she said. “It has helped me become a more professional performer.”


<em>Ellen Brahae, for the review</em>

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