Machine warms up for repairs

The frozen yogurt machine has returned to Catty Shack and is undergoing repairs. But General Manager of Linfield Dining Services Bill Masullo said he isn’t sure why the fix is suddenly occurring.

The machine broke early in the fall, and Masullo said then that the student demand for frozen yogurt wasn’t high enough for the administration to justify replacing or repairing the machine (“Tumult freezes repair process,” TLR, Oct. 17, 2010). He said there doesn’t seem to be a rise in this demand even now as the machine is being fixed.

In the fall, Masullo estimated that the fix could cost the college $14,000. But he said doesn’t know how much it’s costing to fix it now.

So while there is some mystery surrounding the frozen yogurt machine and its repairs, students can still get excited about seeing their favorite frozen treats soon returned to the Catty Shack.

~Compiled by Kelley Hungerford/Editor-in-chief

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