Linfield leads Oregon in athlete graduation rates

Linfield has more to boast about than just a successful football team, among other nationally ranked sports. It also totes a top ranking for on-time, student-athlete graduation.
The football team recently had its 55th consecutive winning season, the women’s softball team is ranked second in the nation, and the baseball team is ranked third nationally.
Linfield took 72nd place for Division III schools for athletes’ graduation rates. Only two Oregon schools made the cut, and Linfield beat rival Willamette University, who took 91st place on the list.
“I feel there are many reasons why students are able to graduate on time here at Linfield. The type of student Linfield attracts and wants to have are students that work hard in the classroom and take pride in their academics, therefore, most of them have a vision of graduating on time,” said Dom Doty, women’s head soccer coach. “I believe the difference comes down to having a large majority of students who understand the importance of their education. They have a desire to not only do well in the classroom but to graduate on time and with honors.”
According to a survey conducted by NSCA Athletic Recruiting, Linfield is first in the state with athletic, academic and graduation rates.
Senior soccer player Michel Camacho said graduating on time at Linfield is a big selling point for student athletes.
“The chance of coming and having the chance at playing a big role in the program from the get-go, knowing I would still be able to focus on school and graduate in four years, was important,” he said.
Senior football player Taylor Avritt agreed but also said the cost of the school plays a large factor.
“With the amount of money [Linfield] costs, getting out in the typical four years [is] very important,” he said.
Although the cost of a private liberal arts education is high, the experience is priceless.
“I look for many things as a coach, in regard to bringing a student athlete to Linfield,” Doty said. “Linfield has many attractive aspects for a number of students, but it becomes a matter of what the student athlete wants, is looking for and whether they will find it at Linfield.”

Corrina Crocker/Sports editor
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