Linfield is too private for Presidents Day

In light of the fact that Presidents Day just took place on Feb. 21, and Linfield did not cancel classes in acknowledgment of the holiday, my question is: Why do only certain schools recognize Presidents Day? After all, Presidents Day is a federal holiday.

Elementary, middle and high schools acknowledge it by not holding classes. Even select colleges and universities throughout the country do the same. So why doesn’t Linfield?

Considering that the point of the holiday is to celebrate two of our historically greatest presidents: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It seems like a simple way for the college and its students to pay some respect. And it would be nice to have a three-day weekend every once in a while.

I understand that colleges and universities have a strict academic schedule and are often crunched for time, especially when it comes closer to finals time. Linfield’s new finals schedule is one reflection of this. And Linfield is even more pressed for time considering that the only classes offered in January are optional.

However, Linfield recognizes Martin Luther King Jr. Day during January term by encouraging students to participate in Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. So it doesn’t quite make sense that it only recognizes certain major holidays.

The same goes for Black History Month during February. Linfield recognizes the month with a series of events through the course of a couple weeks. Guest speakers visit; professors give special lectures; and special events, such as theatrical performances, are just some of the events that Linfield hosts.

Maybe it’s just a private school thing because only public elementary, middle and high schools and public universities are closed on Presidents Day. However, I think that the school system, specifically the higher education school system, should be a little more in-sync when it comes to recognizing national holidays.

Or Linfield should at least do something, whether it is canceling classes or a special event, to recognize Presidents Day.
It is the least that the school can do to honor a long-standing American

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    We should start including our pictures on the ops.

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