Block schedule diminishes students’ work time

Linfield’s new block schedule is now in full effect.

Senior Colin Jones Associated Students of Linfield College president, said the new schedule was created to accommodate the needs of the different departments. However, the Review thinks this schedule has brought about too rigid a structure for class time.

After evaluating it during the first two weeks of class, we think this new system is shaping up to be more of a pain than an improvement.

A major issue with the new schedule is that it causes students’ schedules to begin early in the morning and not end until late in the night. If a student has classes from 8:15 a.m. until 9:30 p.m., when does that leave a sufficient amount of time to study and complete homework assignments during the week?

Furthermore, the changes don’t allow students to have time to participate in extracurricular activities. Time is becoming a scarce resource, and it could very well lead to students feeling overwhelmed with all they want to take on.

A second issue with the block schedule is that professors don’t always use the extra class time that is given to them. Class times are running quite longer than they did last semester. Many formally 90-minute courses now run for nearly two hours. We have also noticed that some professors let classes out almost 30 minutes early because it doesn’t take them the entire class time to complete lectures. What is the point of having classes run longer if professors are not going to use the full time? The extended amount of class time definitely doesn’t seem to be benefiting professors or students.

Overall, we feel that the new block schedule is doing more harm than good, and it would probably be helpful if a new, more efficient system was developed for subsequent years.

-The Review Editorial Board

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