Students deserve quiet study spaces

It may be hard to believe, but Fall Semester is already coming to a close. Many students are busy preparing for final exams and finishing up last-minute projects and papers. As we all know, it can be quite a chaotic time of year.
To get ready for finals and finish homework assignments in general, many students head to the computer labs inside Renshaw Hall. However, the labs are not always the quietest places to get work done.
We at the Review have noticed that too many students use the Renshaw computer labs not as a place to study and complete assignments but as a place to catch up and chat with friends. While being social is important at a residential college, the Renshaw computers labs are not always the best place for socializing.
A number of students go to these computer labs because they have tasks they need to complete, and it is extremely distracting when you hear a group of students next to you loudly talking about who’s dating whom or how exciting the football game on TV was. It’s simply annoying and disrespectful to others.
Maybe a designated person could be present in the Renshaw computer labs to monitor what takes place there. In the library, there are several staff members who you can approach if other students around you are too loud. Approaching an authority figure about an issue is far less awkward than confronting a group of noisy peers.
But, we also know that this is not the most practical solution. Therefore, students need to be respectful and realize how much their chit-chat hinders the studying of others.
We ask that when you are in the Renshaw computer labs (or in the library), be mindful of other students who are working around you. As previously mentioned, it is the time of the year when students are preparing for finals. This makes it especially important for quiet places to be available to students for studying on campus.

-The Review Editorial Board

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