Revamped award sees first winner

Freshman Linnaea Funk is the first recipient of the revamped version Wildcat of the Week Award. The award is granted to Linfield students who contribute to the Linfield community. Sarah Hansen/Photo editor

The revamped Wildcat of the Month program announced its first winner this week.
Freshman Linnaea Funk was nominated for being active on campus and contributing to the Linfield Community.
She is the first winner since the program was changed from a weekly to a monthly award.
“[She was picked because] she is a very genuine person, she’s always there to help, and she tutors and things along those lines where she’s there to support her friends,” ASLC President senior Colin Jones said. “I think that’s a great thing to be recognized for.”
Funk said that when the Campus Liaison Committee told her she had been nominated, she didn’t think she would win.
“I feel very honored to have received this award,” she said in an e-mail. “I am astonished that out of anyone who was nominated, I was chosen, since I am a first-semester freshman.”
The Wildcat of the Month replaces the Wildcat of the Week program from previous years.
There are six boxes around campus where students can submit nominations.
Submissions can also be made by e-mail at
After receiving the nominations, the Campus Liaison Committee selects a winner.
“In previous years, it was weekly, so you got a lot of, ‘This person should be Wildcat of the Week because they have really great hair.’ With that kind of frequency you ended up with a lot of nonsense,” Jones said. “It was really hard to do major recognition every week.”
For these reasons, Jones said, this year’s Campus Liaison Committee decided to find a way to make the program better without getting rid of it completely.
“They felt like once a month was a solid recognition period. It makes it a little more significant because there’s only going to be about eight a year, and it means that we can afford to give [a small prize],” Jones said. “It makes it a slightly bigger deal: fewer people, a little bit more prestige.”
Jones noted that based on the nominations they received this month, the intended changes seemed to have taken effect.
“From the sorts of answers that we got, it really seemed like people were going, ‘Wow, this is really cool. There are great members of the Linfield community,’ rather than, ‘Eh, you know, I like their teeth’ and silly things like that,” Jones said.
ASLC Vice President senior Katie Patterson said that the program lacked publicity, structured criteria and incentives, in the past, but it has been changed with positive results.
“I am impressed not only with the dedication of the Campus Liaison Committee but also in Linfield students who are taking the time to recognize their peers by nominating them for Wildcat of the Month,” Patterson said in an e-mail.
Campus Liaison Committee Chair senior Wesley Allegre said his goal was to get more faculty involved and to make more people aware of Wildcat of the Month.
“The people we choose are going to be people who are doing good things around campus, and that’s what we want to highlight,” Allegre said.
Allegre said he is currently working on getting a board set up in Riley Campus Center to display the Wildcats of the Month.

Gabi Nygaard/Staff reporter
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