Film festival debut flirts with copyright infringement

The Linfield Activities Board held its first video talent showcase titled Film It – Show It video and talent showcase, Nov. 18 inside Ice Auditorium.
Up until the showcase, LAB had the videos uploaded to its Facebook page so students could view them and vote for their favorite. But, because of copyright issues with music in some of the videos, LAB was advised by Michael Huntsberger, assistant professor of mass communication, to remove them. The videos were still allowed for public viewing during the event, Associated Students of Linfield College Vice President of Programming junior Nicole Bond said.
In spite of this setback, the videos received a lot of views and votes before they were removed from Facebook, Bond said.
LAB received seven submissions for Film It – Show It. However, one of the submissions dropped out before the showcase on Thursday.
The first place prize of $50 went to junior Ashleigh Rousselle for her movie “Sim Bat Time.” It featured Rousselle’s family, who she had invited to campus during the January Term 2010 to help her create the video as her final project for Huntsberger’s Visual Communication: Electronic course. The video starred her sister as a ballerina dancing in the Multi Purpose Room. Suddenly, she received a phone call, which set off her Batman theme-song ringtone. She then transformed into “Batman” and snuck around the building looking for the bad guy. She found a man in a suit, who was Rousselle’s father, and they had a standoff until he revealed that he was Superman. Then “Batman” jumped on his back and they “flew” away together.
The second place prize of $30 went to junior Alex Van Slyke for his rap video titled “I’ll Take Ya to the Catty Shack.” The video, produced by Slyke, was created for a course he took in January.
“It was a lot of fun, and it got [a] good response, so I decided to submit it,” Slyke said.
The third place prize of $20 went to senior Carolyn Blood. Her video titled “Ecuador Jan 2010” featured herself and other Linfield students on a 2010 January Term trip to Ecuador. Blood was unable to attend the showing to elaborate about her video.
Other movies submissions included a music video to the song “Headlock” by Imogen Heap, submitted by junior Elizabeth Bond; a human rights video titled “HRF Torture” submitted by freshman Amber Hay, which was created to raise awareness about human torture around the world; and another music video to the song “Uchaore Irekte” by OKI submitted by sophomore Braden Smith.
LAB also played a late submission from sophomore Nic Miles, even though his video did not count in the contest. Miles’ movie was a music video to the Blink 182 song “I Miss You.”
Approximately 20 students came to view the showcase, and the audience’s votes were combined with the online votes.
“Given that this was the first time [the event] had been done, doing a new event is a success itself,” Bond said. “It’s cool to give students an opportunity to show their talents.”
LAB Student Talent Coordinator sophomore Linh Tang said that if it holds this event again, LAB will prohibit the use of copyright protected material in the videos or perhaps have the videos on display inside the library, such as the wine exhibit videos are this year.
“I was really pleased with the turnout of seven submissions, and I saw a lot of smiling faces,” Tang said.

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