Unreliable printing poses a recurring issue

The computer labs in Renshaw Hall are great locations for students to finish homework during the evening. Although the Renshaw computer labs are helpful to students, they have a downfall. Neither are reliable places to print.
The printers in Renshaw Hall are unreliable because they only work occasionally. This causes a lot of stress for students. Students often come to Renshaw Hall to print documents 5 minutes before class only to find that the printers are not functioning properly. This happens too often.
Students should call Integrated Technology Services when printers are out of order so that problems aren’t left unsolved for others. We know that a large number of students choose to simply ignore printing issues, but this just leaves the problem for other unsuspecting students to deal with, and it leaves ITS unaware that problems exist.
Students appreciate having an ITS support team to call when computer printers are not working, as we at the Review do, but more action could be taken by ITS to ensure that Renshaw Hall printers are continually functioning.
One suggestion we offer is that ITS could visit Renshaw computer labs to check the printers in the morning. Sorting out problems early facilitates smooth printing during the day.
A second suggestion we offer is to have an ITS representative work a night shift to help with computer and printing issues. Students work in the Renshaw labs all through the night, especially during midterms and finals week, and it would save a lot of headaches if students had someone to call when technical issues occur during those hours.
We appreciate all the effort that the ITS support team makes to help students with technical issues, but it may help solve more problems if both ITS and students take more active roles in the Renshaw computer labs.

-The Review Editorial Board

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