Religious People Should Have Open Minds

Does anyone else find it fascinating that every religion has its own way of explaining how the world works? I think it’s a
wonderful thing. Each person is able to explain the world in his or her own way. It’s one of the beauties, and downsides, of religion.
Most people believe their way is the right way. The question remains: What is the right way? My answer: every way.
Imagine that someone was trying to tell you his or her religion is the only way to believe or you would go to hell. How would you feel? You probably wouldn’t listen because, honestly, who wants to believe his or her life is worthless?
This is one example of someone thinking his or her way is the right way. If you are the type of person who believes everyone who is different from you is going to hell, how would you feel if someone told that to you? You wouldn’t like it.
Think about those you love who have died. What kind of life are you living if you think they are burning in hell? Aren’t all religions supposed to be about finding a purpose in life and explaining what happens when you die? That shouldn’t be depressing.
In reality, no one is going to change his or her beliefs because someone else told him or her to. Life shouldn’t be about comparing who is right and who is wrong. It’s a terrible thing for someone to think that every person who doesn’t have similar beliefs is destined to eternal despair.
Every person who has grown up with a different religion doesn’t have the same beliefs, and why should they? Why would you say he or she is wrong? No one is wrong regarding his or her beliefs. Regardless of how you feel, it is never your job to tell
someone what to believe.
I don’t understand why any religion would think it is better than another because religions are all essentially the same. They all find explanations for the world.
I think people should listen to their friends who have different beliefs. Even if you believe your way is right, take some time and think about someone else’s beliefs. You might learn something.
Everyone must find his or her own way of thinking and believing because no two people are exactly the same, and no two people have exactly the same beliefs. Every person is right in his or her own way because, honestly, there is no way to determine which way is right, and we’ll probably never know.
Religion is about explaining the world, not comparing which belief is better than the other, and religion is definitely not about telling someone what to believe

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