Parking survey to address student concern

In order to understand students’ opinions about parking at Linfield, the Associated Students of Linfield College Campus Liason Committee Chair sophomore Wesley Allegre and junior Sarah Wilder are creating a parking survey, to be released soon. It will cover a range of issues related to student parking.
Director of Linfield College Safety & Security Robert Cepeda commissioned a parking committee last month to solicit ideas on how to make student parking easier and more available to all students.
Wilder said she constantly hears complaining about student parking, and the survey was an idea to help research the subject and figure out where students stand on the issue.
“I thought that creating a survey to see how people feel about the parking on campus would give us a good idea of where to go to fix any problems that seem to occur,” Wilder said.
However, Wilder seems to disagree that there is not enough parking on campus. She claims that there is enough parking, just not where students want it at any given moment, causing frustration with those not able to park in the most ideal location.
Cepeda said he was unaware of ASLC involvement in the parking issue and was also unaware that the survey was being created.
Cepeda said the committee he commissioned intended to work with faculty and students who work and live near the major parking concerns on campus, and come up with solutions.
“This is a short-term committee comprised of members from Facility Services, [the] Music Department,
[the] Theater Department, ASLC and CPS,” Cepeda said.
The findings from both this committee and the survey will be used to work “toward solutions that are effective,” Cepeda said.
The survey’s release date has not been given.
Matt Sunderland/Senior reporter
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