Linfield is recognized for scholarship success

The Chronicle of Higher Education included Linfield College among its Oct. 24 list of schools at which leading numbers of students receive Fulbright scholarships.
Competitive Scholarships Adviser Debbie Olsen said that the Chronicle’s list is erroneous.
There were eight applicants representing Linfield and of them, four won scholarships.
She said this was the most applicants and winners she has seen.
The 2010-2011 Fulbright scholarship grantees are Ashley Bennett, Krista Foltz, Lily Niland and Brett Tolman, all class of ’10.
Through the governmental educational exchange program, Fulbright, the graduates will travel to Germany, Chile, Peru and Sri Lanka, respectively.
The Linfield scholars are abroad, except Foltz, whose Fulbright in Chile is set to begin in 2011.
“It’s a huge honor to have made it onto this list,” Olsen said. “If you look at it, some of our sister schools are not on the list.”
The college appeared with 30 other Fulbright-producing top schools under the Bachelor institutions category, which includes Wellesley College, Lewis & Clark College and Luther College, from which President Thomas Hellie graduated magna cum laude in 1975.
“[The news] is really exciting for Linfield,” Olsen said. “It’s far more indication that Linfield is competing with some big-name schools.”
Olsen said the recognition is a boon to the school’s academic reputation and could catch prospective students’ attention.
As far as the Fulbright list goes, there are some schools that have a large number of applicants and produce only three or four winners.
Linfield has a high yield, Olsen said.
When the college made the 2006 list, there were five applicants, three of whom received scholarships.
Twenty Linfield seniors have been awarded Fulbrights since 1999.
Seven Fulbright applications submitted their applications this year. Fulbright applications were submitted by Oct. 18, Olsen said.
“It’s a long process,” she said. “People begin to work with me in the spring of their junior year, and then, throughout the summer, they begin to work more and more intensively.”
Students don’t just work with her on their Fulbright applications, she said.
“Linfield has a wonderful, supportive faculty who help mentor students in the process,” Olsen said. “I think what makes a difference for us is the one-on-onehelp that they get from all of their mentors on campus.”
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