Letter to the Editor

While I feel The Linfield Review article “Student, alumna injured in crash” lacked important information, such as the 0.2 intoxication level of the driver who brutally crashed into my daughter Justine Pillar over Homecoming weekend, I would like to send thanks to the members of the Linfield community for their support during and since the accident.
Thank you to every Linfield student who rushed to aid Justine, called 9-1-1, gathered in prayer and made sure she was kept from moving. For those of you who witnessed my daughter (as Granum described) looking like “a ragdoll,” “grotesque” and moaning, “help” before she lost consciousness and was put upon the helicopter, I hope this incident stays with you for life and you will warn your own friends and loved ones of the dangers of drinking and driving. Thank you to the many 2010 Linfield alumni and junior Ryan Cook, who rushed to the hospital in the night, supporting Justine, each other, and our family during a very scary time. My appreciation and thanks also to the wonderful Linfield College staff, Accounting Department professors, and members of Alpha Phi Sorority for being so kind in sending love, cards, gifts, prayers and wishes for Justine’s recovery.
Wildcats, please go easy on your parents and/or loved ones who remind you to be careful. I hope you all are lucky enough to avoid the next drunken driver, and most importantly are bright enough to never ever be the drunken driver.

Best wishes,

- Kirk Pillar

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