Film festival to recognize students’ hidden talents

The Linfield Activities Board is hosting its first-ever film festival at 8 p.m. Nov. 18 in Ice Auditorium.
Film It-Show It, created by sophomore LAB Student Talent Coordinator Linh Tang, is an event aimed at revealing students’ hidden, video-producing talents.
“The idea came from students who shoot daily videos, like about dorm life,” Tang said. “[This event] gives them a chance to show off their talent and skills, but it doesn’t have to be professional.”
Students have until midnight Nov. 12 to submit their videos to Tang, who will upload them to LAB’s Facebook page. From there, students have until Nov. 18 to visit the page and watch the movies. Students can vote for their favorite video using a survey created by Tang.
So far, approximately five students have submitted videos. The lack of applicants is because of the change in the deadline, which was originally set for Nov. 8.
“There were a lot of tests happening on the original week the videos were due,” Tang said. “That is why the deadline was extended.”
The longest movie will be approximately 5 minutes, Tang said.
The winning submissions will be showcased in Ice Auditorium following the voting. The first-place winner will receive a cash prize of $50; second place, $30; and third place, $20.
Tang, who did not want to reveal the contestants quite yet, said that they would be announced Nov. 12, once the movies are posted.
“I encourage students to come and support because [the showing] is when the talents are really being honored,” Tang said.
Associate Students of Linfield College Vice President of Programming junior Nicole Bond said that LAB wants to create more events that showcase talents in ways besides student Cat Cabs, which is a music venue.
“We want to recognize and reward students for their talents, letting them know and feel like their talent is valued,” Bond said.
A secondary goal of the event is to bring more promotion and students to LAB’s Facebook page, which is a resource for disclosing events happening around campus, Bond said.
Since this is the first time Film It–Show It has been done, both Tang and Bond are unsure about what the student turnout will be like. But both said that, if successful, the event would be featured again.
“There are a lot of hidden talents on campus,” Tang said. “We are all shining stars.”
To submit a movie for Film It–Show It, or make a suggestion for a future event, contact Tang at
Suggestions can also be submitted to Bond at or placed in the ASLC suggestion box outside of the ASLC offices on the third floor of the Riley Campus Center.

Jessica Prokop/Culture editor
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