Theater program cleans out its costume closet

Alethia Moore-DelMonaco, instructional associate, costume designer and costume shop manager, organizes one of the costume pieces during the theater programs first Halloween Costume Sale on Oct. 21. Katie Paysinger/Senior photographer

Linfield held its first costume sale Oct. 21 in Ford Hall.
Costume shop manager Alethia Moore-Del Monaco said that the idea for the costume sale arose because costume storage in Mahaffey Hall needed to be re-organized and cleaned out.
Moore-Del Monaco said that she followed two criteria to help her choose which costumes to sell. She would keep them if, first, the costumes were safe for the actors to wear on stage again and, second, if they were specific to a particular show.
The costumes at the sale are priced from $1 to $20.
“I’m trying to keep it affordable for students,” Moore-Del Monaco said.
Some of the items for the costume sale include a number of unique Greek garments and a variety of hats, shoes, jackets and dresses from past productions.
“There’s a really interesting tree costume that I’m happy to see go,” Moore-Del Monaco said, referring to an elaborate green costume made to look like a bunch of leaves.
Senior Steven Stewart has been working in the theater costume shop for more than a year, and he is the costume coordinator for the sale.
One item from the sale that Stewart is excited to purchase is a blue glittery rhinestone jacket that he plans to use as part of his Lady Gaga costume.
“To see what people choose to mix together and what people are drawn to will be exciting,” Stewart said.
Freshman Gabrielle Leif said she was drawn to the costume sale because it was a way for her to find a costume without having to look off campus.
“It is a bunch of stuff from old shows, so I thought I’d find something fun and unique,” Leif said. “I just heard about it, and I was curious to see what they have.”
Moore-Del Monaco said the sale isn’t about turning a profit.
“If we make a little money, great, but at least students will have had the experience of coordinating a costume,” Moore-Del Monaco said.
For more information about the costume sale, contact Moore-Del Monaco at
The costume sale will also run from 3-6 p.m. Oct. 22 in Ford Hall.

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