Sustainability committee seeks full-time leader

The Advisory Committee on the Environment and Sustainability meeting Oct. 14 focused on the possibility of hiring a full-time sustainability coordinator.
Senior David Kellner-Rode, a member of ACES committee, said the biggest problem for ACES is that the committee comprises faculty members, staff and students with some interest in sustainability or climate change, but everyone has difficulty finding time to focus on the issues.
He also said it’s necessary to have a full-time sustainability coordinator for Linfield, since it’s a leader in higher education working toward sustainability.
Thomas Love, professor of Anthropology and chair of the Sociology and Anthropology Department, said he thinks ACES needs a central person to collect all the committee’s work.
According to the Linfield Sustainability website, President Thomas Hellie appointed the ACES committee in Sept. 2007 and signed the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment on Earth Day in 2008.
ACES was charged with maintaining an updated Green House Gas Inventory and developing a Climate Action Plan.
The long-term Climate Action Plan is a major goal for the ACES and was finalized in early September.
Based on a semester-long project by the Environmental Studies Problem Solving Seminar in Spring Semester 2009, ACES came up the Climate Action Plan with the help of an environmental counseling group.
“[The] Climate Action Plan is a 50-year plan for college climate sustainability, ” Kellner-Rode said. “I hope to make more concrete work on it.”
He also said it entails many ideas for reducing carbon emissions: behavior changes, such as having shorter showers, turning off computers and heaters and unplugging appliances not in use; building designs, which would make energy more efficient in old buildings; and reducing expenditures in air travel.
For instance, an admissions officer should have teleconferences instead of flying to different high schools to visit prospective students.
As the only student member of ACES, Kellner-Rode said there will be two more students joining the meeting in the future, and he welcomes any students who are interested in sustainability to attended the meetings.
The next meeting will be at 8 a.m. Oct. 28 in The President’s Dining room in left wing of Dillin Hall.

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