Student safety’s worth the splurge

It seems as though Linfield has its priorities mixed up when dealing with the college budget.
Sure, it’s nice to see fancy new promotional banners, new college signs and renovations to Northup Hall that will provide new facilities for the academic department. But what about projects that would improve student safety on campus?
Something needs to be done about the unlit area between the Nicholson Library and the Albertsons parking lot. The area has a high level of foot traffic from Linfield students because they head up to Albertsons in search of cheaper prices and more variety than what the Catty Shack has to offer. Yet no one seems to take the initative to make walking the distance safer for students.
We understand that a lot of the money used for renovations on campus comes from donations given by almuni or from their families.
We ask that alumni or any other person who chooses to donate to the college please be informed of the safety issue that comes with not having a lit street on campus. In a Senate meeting Oct. 4, senior ASLC President Colin Jones said that lighting on that path would cost $15,000. We’re sure that if the issue was put out in the open that people who plan to donate anyway will be prompted to help solve the issue.
This is an expensive college, and you would think that with students paying an arm and a leg to attend Linfield, student safety would be a top priority on all grounds of the campus that see heavy foot traffic.
Overall, a number of negative things could happen when students travel in non-lit areas after dark.
We ask that the college become more progressive when handling students’ safety on campus.

-The Review Editorial Board

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