Senate discusses variety of issues

The Associated Students of Linfield College Senate covered much ground during its Oct. 4 meeting.
“I’m anticipating great things in the month of October from our Senate,” junior ASLC Vice President Katie Patterson said.
Senators voted junior Bradley Keliinoi as president pro tempore.
In this position, Keliinoi will fill in for Patterson in case of her absence. Keliinoi is also the Hawaiian Club senator and Senate Governance Committee co-chair.
The Whitman Hall senator expressed concern about Keliinoi’s other commitments to Senate, but Patterson isn’t worried.
“He knows the standing rules and bylaws pretty much better than anyone,” Patterson said of Keliinoi.
Keliinoi beat out freshman Marissa Cole for the position in a 37-8 vote.
Senate also voted unanimously to approve Communication Board Guidelines. The guidelines govern the relationship between ASLC and campus media: the Review, KSLC 90.3 FM, CAMAS and Wildcat Productions.
The agenda item was presented to Senate last week (Sept. 27) for consideration and went to vote this week.
No discussion of the topic occurred at either meeting.
“I was shocked as well that there was no discussion,” Patterson said.
This was likely either because senators understood the guidelines completely or they did not look at them. Patterson said it would be difficult to determine the reason.
“There’s no way for me to know if the senators are putting in the time to read what I’m sending to them,” she said.
The Campus Improvement Committee received many concerns from the senators on topics such as bike racks, window screens and lighting on campus.
Sophomore senator KarenCole raised concerns about lighting the path to Albertsons, a topic that Senate has discussed in the past.
Senior ASLC President Colin Jones said the school abandoned the project because of a hefty price tag: $15,000.
Patterson said she understands the college’s decision but thinks it’s an issue that needs to be addressed.
“I will definitely be bringing it up with the board of trustees when I meet with them in November,” she said.
Campus Liaison Committee Chair sophomore Wesley Allegre encouraged senators to attend Sodexo Food Committee meetings Wednesdays at 4 p.m. in Dillin Hall.
Allegre said no students attended last month’s meeting.
Keliinoi was curious about how Sodexo publicized the meetings because he had never heard of them.
Publicity Director Bri Reichelt said publicity for those meetings, which is handled by Sodexo, has been limited.
Allegre attended the food meeting Oct. 6 and the only other student to attend was Student Center Director senior Evan Hilberg, he said in an e-mail.
IM Sports Director senior Marissa Van Diest announced the first official tournament to be held on the sand volleyball court, the 2009-10 ASLC Cabinet’s project for campus.
The tournament will take place at 11 a.m. Oct. 10.

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