midnight munchies

Need help studying for midterms? Eat these late-night snacks for energy and foucus. Snacks are a necessity for the occassional all-night. Take care of your brain and stomach: Find a “snack mate” and hit the books!

Here are some tips:
It’s normal for us to feel hungry late at night, so don’t be too worried about calories when you have to spend a long night studying.
For snack choices, the key is what you eat not when you eat it.
Don’t eat fatty foods — they will make you sleepy.
Get up and walk around after you eat snacks.

Barbecue-flavored chips & soda
Tasty index: *****
Health index: *
Calories: 140 (1 oz) + 100 (1 cup) = 240
Classic-flavored chips with soda are for either a
movie night or study night. Like coffee and tea, icy soda can keep you awake. Try a Max Pepsi if you are concerned about calories.

Banana & vanilla ice cream
Tasty index: *****
Health index: **
Calories: 200 + 125 (.5 cup) = 325
A suggestion from a Korean exchange student: peel a banana, spoon ice cream onto the banana and add some chocolate chips. You can try it in Dillin Hall first with the ice cream machine.

Apple & peanut butter
Tasty index: ****
Health index: ***
Calories: 65 + 150
(1 tbsp) = 215
Peel an apple, cut it into pieces and spread on as much peanut
butter as you want.
Canned soup & saltine crackers
Tasty index: ****
Health index: ***
Calories: 100 + 250 (1 cup) = 350
This is the best option for filling an empty stomach.

Baked sweet potato & cinnamon sugar
Tasty index: **
Health index: ****
Calories: 180 (about 10 oz) + 100 = 280
Here, you have a chance to use your hall oven.
Preheat oven to 400 degrees, bake entire sweet potato for an hour (depending on potato size), slice potato down the center and add cinnamon and
Despite their high caloric content, plain baked sweet potatoes still tastes great.

Breakfast cereal & milk
Tasty index: **
Health index: *****
Calories: 120 (1 cup) + 130 (1 cup of 2% milk) = 250
This is the simplest way to munch for those who don’t want to go shopping for late night snacks.

Fresh strawberries & milk
Tasty index: ***
Health index: *****
Calories: 50 (1 cup) + 130 (1 cup of 2% milk) = 180
Here is another great pair with milk: fresh
strawberries. Sprinkle in a little sugar if you have sweet tooth.

compiled by Jaffy Xiao/Features editor
Jaffy Xiao can be reached at linfieldreviewfeatures@gmail.com.

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